Saturday, November 2, 2013

Quilted Mystery series

by Barbara Graham

Nice murder mystery involving the sheriff of a small town and his wife Theo who owns a quilt shop.
I quite enjoyed Murder by Music. A bit of humorous banter between characters. I liked the way the several deaths were woven together and the murderer was not revealed until the last few pages. As with most of the cosy mysteries there is no use trying to guess the killer from clues.
I will be looking for others in the series in my library.

Quilted Mystery
1. Murder By Serpents: The Mystery Quilt (2008)
2. Murder By Artifact: The Murder Quilt (2009)
3. Murder By Music: The Wedding Quilt (2011)
4. Murder By Vegetable: The Baby Quilt (2012)
5. Murder By Sunlight : The Charity Quilt (2013)

I have read:
Murder by Music - Nov 2013

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